Dust and debris eliminator

A innovative tool primarily used by electrical contractors when using hole saws to install down lights.

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About US

Simple ideas UK are the designers, manufacturers and distributors of the DADE (Dust and Debris eliminator). A innovative tool primarily used by electrical contractors when using hole saws to install down lights.

The DADE was a concept first created by electrician Dean Barnes, who still works within the electrical industry.

The company supply the patented DADE to electrical wholesalers across the U.K and further afield. Established in 2010 it grew its customer base in the UK.

After winning industry awards for most innovative tool and featuring on Dragons Den in 2012. We remain focused on providing a personal one to one service to our many client’s and strive to excel in customer satisfaction.

The aim of the company is to continue to grow its client base and spread further into global markets, and to see the DADE as a must have tool for the building industry worldwide.


The DADE has been designed by an electrical contractor, for an electrical contractor.

We all know the way that down lights are installed we mark the hole check for no obstructions and then we use a hole saw to cut the hole.

We don’t want to use special tools with spinning blades that take a time to set up, wear out quickly and are far slower than our hole saws.

The DADE simply fits between the hole saw and the drill chuck.

It has two patented debris collecting channels that collect the debris, stopping it damaging the drill and the surrounding area.

Manufactured from non marking silicon.

It has a patented nylon base that allows the drill to rotate freely with no Resistance.

It will work with hole saws up to and including 120mm, catering for most down lights that are installed in today’s market.

How it works

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Below are some question and answers to help you

Q. What size hole saw does the DADE go up to?

A. The DADE will work with hole saws up to and including 120mm

Q. Can you use the DADE on double skin plasterboard? 

A. Yes, the DADE will work on double skin plasterboard.

Q.What type of Hole saw and arbor will the DADE work with? 

A. The DADE will work with multi-purpose hole saws, and many arbors. However as the saws and arbors continually change it is best to check before you purchase.

Q. Do you do a bigger DADE?

A. No. The current market does not make it viable to produce a bigger DADE.

Q. How do I use the DADE?

A. The hole saw sits in the DADE and you put the spindle of the hole saw into the drill chuck as normal. Just make sure that the DADE rotates freely before use.

Watch our video to see a example.

Q. Do you sell direct to contractors?

A. We will strive to direct contractors to local stockists. If this is not possible then yes we will sell to contractors.

Q. Do you sell any other products?

A. We are currently working on other tools but at present we have no other products on the market.


Don’t just take our word for how great we think the DADE is. Below is some recent feedback from electricians and stockists. Your feedback and appreciation of the DADE is greatly received, and really gives us here at Simple Ideas UK encouragement to keep pushing the DADE worldwide.

With your help we can make this tool a global success.

Dean Longman

Haddon Electrical

“How did I install downlight without the DADE, Saves hours in clean up time. Thoroughly recommend”

Lee Jones

LJ Electrical

“Great tool that is a must every time I install downlight”

Mick Lyons

“I use the DADE when I am installing metal trunking and cutting holes in it. It protects my arms from all the red-hot swarf that comes of the hole saw. Brilliant”

Kevin Pavey

“Paid for itself on the first job. So simple to use and no mess – Love it”


“We sell hundreds of DADE online and in our branches, the client love them and the feedback has been amazing”


Our success depends on the strength of our team. We stock in hundreds of wholesalers across the UK and our distribution network continues to grow. If you would like to talk about stocking the DADE or have a general Enquiry please fill out the form below and we will aim to get back to you within 24 hours.

Enter an address or zip code and click the find locations button.


The dade is available from all good wholesalers, and if your branch does not stock it, they can. Get them to give the team a call on the details below.